Independence Day Message from His Excellency Mr Biren Nanda

On behalf of the High Commission of India in Canberra and the Government of India, I would like to convey my heartfelt good wishes on the occasion of India’s Independence Day 2014.

HighCommissionerThe Federation of Indian Associations of ACT has been playing a very significant and substantial role in promoting the welfare of the Indian community in Canberra, ACT.


The celebrations of India’s Independence Day are an occasion to reflect upon the diversity of Indian culture and the contributions of the Indian community to multiculturalism in Australia. Indeed, the Indian community in Australia has a unique role to play as a bridge promoting relations between India and Australia.

This year has been of particular significance to India. We have just witnessed in India the largest democratic elections on the planet. Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the BJP and the NDA won a landslide victory.

The elections have been described in India as an election of hope. They mark the turning point in the evolution of our democratic polity. The surge in aspirations and the belief that these can be realised through democratic processes has been amply reflected by the record participation of voters and a clear verdict in favour of one political party after a gap of 30 years.

The electorate voted decisively for development through good governance. The new government in India announced an extensive economic programme for reviving the economy and promoting investment in infrastructure, health, education and energy amongst other areas. These sectors will provide ample opportunity for Australian and Indian companies to promote trade and investment linkages between the two countries. Stronger economic links between the two countries will strengthen the strategic partnership between them.

(Biren Nanda)