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What makes FINACT unique and crucial - Coordination :: Cooperation :: Collaboration

To present a unified front for all its member associations and promote the advancement of people of Indian origin in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and surroundings.


To act as a channel of communication between the Indian community and the Governments Federal, the Territory/State or the Indian Government) on welfare, social and economic matters.


To promote an awareness about Indians being responsible Australian citizens and to cultivate a feeling of mutual respect through increased social & cultural interaction, sport and recreation.


To establish, develop and maintain an “India Centre” – a Community and Resource centre in ACT for use and benefit of member organisations and of the community.


FINACT values Fraternity, Inclusiveness, Networking, Assistance, Cooperation and Teamwork.

Where FINACT Constitution stipulates certain actions, behaviour and provides guidelines, Annual Report provides vivid details of activities undertaken by FINACT in a financial year.

FINACT Constitution

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AusIndia Fair

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About US

Let us continue our united endeavours to forge greater ties between India and Australia.
Enjoy events and activities by our 30 member associations.

With 22 major languages, written in 13 different scripts, with over 720 dialects and with hundreds of different landscapes and landforms, India and Indians are no strangers to the concept of multiculturalism.

FINACT welcomes all Indian associations to be a part of this federation and contribute to efforts to achieve our shared goal.

What binds us all together is our commitment towards mutual respect, harmony and our passion see the progress and happiness in the country we come from (Janma Bhumi जन्मभूमि , India) and the country we live in (our Karma Bhumi कर्मभूमि, Australia).


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Please find our dedicated and motivated people from different associations working together.


Community leaders are voluntarily putting a lot of personal time and energy for the community with lots of passion.

Represents Canberra Punjabi Sports & Cultural Association

With a PhD in genetics, Dr Dhindsa also completed a Graduate Diploma in Public Sector Management from Macquarie University, North Ryde. After working in various roles, Dr Dhindsa’s aim is to positively support the Indian diaspora and contribute to the broader Australian society, environment and economy
ChittiBabu Divi
ChittiBabu Divi
Vice President
Represents Indian Australian Association of Health and Well-being (HAWAAI)

Mr Divi is a qualified junior Badminton coach, delivering his services voluntarily to enthusiastic kids and elderly. He is also a qualified technical official in Badminton, served in number of international tournaments over the years, such as Australian Open Badminton Super Series, 2018 Comm Games etc.
Ajmal PN
Ajmal PN
Represents Canberra Malayalees Association

An enthusiastic researcher in quantum physics and pre-service secondary teacher, specialised in mathematics and physics. He has submitted his PhD dissertation in physics from UNSW Canberra and awaiting graduation.
Ragini Santhanam
Ragini Santhanam
Represents Mandir School of Music

A multi-faceted personality, Ragini takes deep interest in enriching the lives of children through music, education and other cultural activities. Ragini is devoted to making a valuable contribution to the community through her talent, thoughtfulness and dedication.


FINACT maintains and values relationship with member associations, government and non-government organisations of Australia and India to achieve its objectives.


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