AusIndia Fair – Arts, Culture & Branding

The AusIndia Fair endeavours to present and promote contemporary India in a holistic way. It would raise not only inclusiveness but also bring awareness and branding of India’s contribution to the broader Australian society.  The AusIndia Fair event will attract a number of stalls and various attractions from the ACT hinterland and surrounding areas. The event will provide interaction and entertainment for all age groups of the Australian society. The event will enable display of traditional arts and culture, food, tourism, spirituality, and glimpses into the traditional health like Ayurveda.  It will present an opportunity to promote businesses representing several sectors such as education sector, IT sector, fashion design, digital media, handicrafts, renewable energy, tourism, etc. Stage programs will continue showcasing India’s diverse and rich heritage through music, poetry, skits, dances etc.

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander group(s) will also be contacted to participate. Special activities for children will be made available such as jumping castle and face-painting.

Given the 2018 AusIndia Fair provided an excellent marketing opportunity for businesses seeking to promote their goods and services, brought all interesting aspects of India on one platform instead of the current piecemeal approach, this event is going to be an excellent opportunity to promote and harness mutual opportunities for India and Australia.

The event will have a stage for performances and addressing the crowd. There will be more than 25 stalls for promoting various states, business information, food and tourism.