Dear all,


As per the General Council (GC) decision on May 15th regarding the Patron position, the FINACT Executive Committee met with the Hon Joy Burch MLA, the ACT Minister for Multicultural Affairs to offer our formal request to be the Patron of FINACT. We are very pleased to inform you that the Hon Minister has agreed to take up the position as the Patron of FINACT and had expressed her gratitude in nominating her to that role.


We are pleased to inform you that the Minister has even agreed and expressed her interest in attending important GC meetings in the future.


Also, as discussed at the last GC meeting, may I also take this opportunity to remind you all of our upcoming major event ‘the FINACT Launch’. Executive Committee is currently making plans about the arrangements of this event which is scheduled for sometime in July 2011.  The final date of this would depend upon the availability of the dignitaries and the venue.


One of the main items on the launch day would be unveiling the FINACT website.  Mr. Sanjay Pandey has kindly agreed to do the creation and design work of the website. He has made a good start and the work is currently in progress. May I encourage all the GC members to provide your feedbacks or suggestions for its further improvement and please contact Sanjay to this matter. Your inputs will definitely add value to the content and format of the website and please be part of this exercise.


As the inaugural event, we should make our full effort  to make the launch as a grand event and seek your support and inputs for the  success of the FINACT launch. As mentioned above the Executive committee is currently in the midst of making plans for this event. Further details on this will be sent to you in due course.


On behalf of the Executive committee, I thank all for your ongoing support and advices and look forward to the same in the future.




Jacob Vadakkedathu

President, FINACT