FINACT AGM & Returning Officer’s Report

Dear all  


This is to inform you all that the 1st Annual General Meeting of Federation of Indian Associations of ACT (FINACT) was held on 30th June 2012 at the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture centre at Yarralumla.  It’s with a great a pleasure to state that since its inception in February 2011, FINACT played a key role as the peak body of Indian community in ACT organising various cultural  and sports functions in a mega scale that brought together various Indian communities across the Territory.


We are also proud to state that, as the voice of Indian community in Canberra, FINACT had put forward several Submissions to the Federal and State Government on behalf of them.   


Please see the President’s report for the year 2011-12. 


Please be informed that the Executive Committee for next year 2012-13 was also elected at the AGM.  Please see the new FINACT office bearers for 2012-13 term.  Please see below the email from the Returning Officer Mr. Darryl Alexander to this regard.  


  • Jayanti Gupta – President
  • Amish Chaturvedi – Vice President
  • Chakra Ravinuthal – Secretary
  • Dr Pal Muthiah – Coordinator of Community Services and Public Officer
  • Chander Dhawan – Treasurer


As the outgoing President, I take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you for your enormous support, advice and inputs that had enabled this organisation to achieve many things over the last 18 months and have brought together several Indian communities under one umbrella. 


I am sure FINACT will grow further taking care of the interest of the Indian community in Canberra and play a lead role as a Voice of Indian in Canberra .   I congratulate the newly elected Executive Committee  of FINACT and I’m sure the new committee is very capable to carry on the activities in the 2012-13 term. Please join me in congratulating the new team and I wish you all success.  


Once again, I thank you all for your support and let’s all continue serving our community with increased spirit of unity and harmony.  


Kind Regards  

Jacob Vadakkedathu    


From: Daryl Alexander

Subject: Returning Officer’s Report


Dear Jacob and Jayanti


I provide this report as Returning Officer for the FINACT election conducted on Saturday 30th June 2012.


The election was conducted in accordance with the Constitution Of The Federation Of Indian Associations of ACT Inc, April 2011.


The people who were present for the election were as follows:


1. Chander Dhawan – Canberra Multicultural Artists association.
2. Amish Chaturvedi – Bihar Jharkhand Sabha of Australia and NZ
3. Jayanti Gupta – Integrated Cultures ACT inc
4. Chakra Ravinuthala – Telugu Association
5. Laxman Prasad – Canberra Telugu Vaani Samithi
6. Ajit Banerjee – Bengali Cultural Association
7. Tejas Canchi – Karnataka Association
8. Jacob Vadakkedathu – Canberra Malayalee Association
9. Lakhan Sharma – Rajasthan Sabha
10. Dr Pal Muthiah – Australian Tamil Society of ACT
11. Sanjay Pandey – FINACT interim committee
12. Nasreen Hafesjee


Not all of the afore mentioned people were eligible to vote.


There were sufficient numbers to constitute a quorum as defined in the Constitution.


Eligible members subsequently voted based on the rules outlined in the Constitution.

The results of the election are:


  • Jayanti Gupta – President (nominator: Laxman Prasad, seconder: Ajit Banerjee)
  • Amish Chaturvedi – Vice President (nominator: Ajit Banerjee seconder: Tejas Canchi)
  • Chakra Ravinuthal – Secretary (nominator: Laxman Prasad seconder: Ajit Banerjee)
  • Dr Pal Muthiah – Coordinator of Community Services and Public Officer (nominator: Laxman Prasad seconder: Ajit Banerjee)
  • Chander Dhawan – Treasurer (nominator: Laxman Prasad seconder: Ajit Banerjee)


All of the above office holders were elected to their respective positions unanimously.It was a privilege to be able to assist FINACT on this occasion. 


Congratulations to all concerned.




Darryl Alexander


Darryl Alexander & Associates Pty Ltd