Awards and FINACT Eleven

Dear friends and Cricket Enthusiast,

Please see the recipients of awards for 2013 FINACT T20 Cricket Tournament:

manofthematchMan of the Match:  Vijay Selvarathinam (Turbo Tamils)

Best Batsman:  Chakra Ravinuthala (Telugu Lions)

Best Bowler:  Vijay Selvarathinam

Man of the Series:  Chakra Ravinuthala


The Cricket Subcommittee appreciates enthusiasm, commitment, good behaviour, skills, talent and hard work demonstrated by the tournament participants.  Some players played in league matches only and some went on to play till Final match that provided them more than enough opportunities to excel.  A wide spectrum of sportsmanship, performance and skills made Cricket Subcommittee’s job very difficult.

Members of FINACT Eleven were selected on the points system that is based on Grade cricket method of determining the end of year awards (Reference: Eastlake).  Please find below the list of FINACT Eleven team members, with their Full Name and Teams they represent:

  • Chakra Ravinuthala (Telugu Lions)
  • Vijay Selvarathinam (Tamil Turbos)
  • Ashish Rathod (Mumbai Indians)
  • Rohit Radhakrishnan (Kerala Tuskers)
  • Paras Sachdeva (Mumbai Indians)
  • Pankaj Atar (Chandigarh Challengers)
  • Sid Mahabal (Mumbai Indians)
  • Khaleel Shaik (Telugu Lions)
  • Aravind Bhave (Telugu Lions)
  • Arun Ranganathan (Tamil Turbos)
  • Divish Slal (Kerala Tuskers)
  • Matt Fox (Kerala Tuskers)
  • Aditya Reddy (Karnataka Capitals)

Hope to see you all at the next match (more details will be published soon).

Members of FINACT Cricket Subcommittee

Arun Venkatesha
Laxman Prasad
Sanjay Pandey
Chakra Ravinuthala