2013 Global Cricket Challenge – Sat 16 March

Good afternoon

Please find the promotional flyer, registration form and the running sheet for the Global Cricket Challenge on Saturday, 16 March. Please promote the event to members of your community/schools.

I will briefly summarise the items discussed at yesterday’s meeting which was attended by  Matthew William (Cricket ACT), Ali Khurram (PAFA), Payam Panahinejad (Islamic School of Canberra), Janelle and Deki from Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA).

a)     Venue – Matthew has confirmed the Manuka Oval but we are not allowed to use the main pitch. After the speeches and the presentation of Certificates, we will move to the nearby playing fields for lunch. (Please see running sheet).

b)     Event start time and end time – 9:30am arrivals and sign ins, finish at 2:00pm. (Please see running sheet).

c)      Promotion of event – Each organisation will promote the event to its community members.

d)     Registration forms – ACT Cricket registration forms will be used. PAFA, the Islamic School and FINACT will  send out the registration forms to their members,  collect the registration forms, enter the names on a spreadsheet with shirt sizes and forward the list to  Matthew for the kits by Friday, 8 March 2013. If there are interested participants from other communities, they will be registered by OMA.

e)     Logistics of cricket clinics, umpires etc – ACT Cricket will organise the clinics but may require help from the community. Matthew will provide play rules to community.

f)      Catering –  Ali will get a quote for Turkish pizzas –veg and non-veg (Halal).  Water and juice will be organised by OMA.

g)     Hire of Marquees, tables etc –  Matthew says that they will be available, so there will be no need to hire any at this stage.

h)     Entertainment – OMA to arrange.

i)       First Aid – OMA to arrange.

j)       Certificates etc – OMA to arrange.

k)     Cancellation of event in case of bad weather – OMA will liaise with ACT Cricket and organise for radio announcements.


Please contact me if I have missed anything or you wish to add further information.

Thank you and best regards.


Tsering Deki| Programs Officer

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