Submission – Inquiry into Multiculturalism

Dear all,


As you may know, the Joint Standing Committee on Migration has commenced an inquiry into Multiculturalism in Australia. The Committee is seeking written submissions from interested persons and organisations.


Please find the attached Terms of Reference (terms of reference.pdf) and the draft framework of FINACT’s submission (multiculturalism. final.pdf) prepared by the Executive Committee in connection with this.


Also, please see the following link for more info.


Though the draft is comprehensive in its description,  in summary, it primarily touch base on the following key elements.

  • advantages of Employer assisted immigration
  • proficiency in English language as an advantage
  • awareness’ of Social inclusion
  • social and cultural awareness training
  • Settlement issues of new migrants and refugees after arriving in Australia.


Could you please put across your views and inputs on this by COB Tuesday 5 April 2011. The due date for this submission is Friday  8 April 2011.


Kind Regards


Jacob Vadakkedathu

President, FINACT