FINACT Constitution Review – we appreciate your feedback

The way an association is incorporated and continuously improves its governance makes a huge difference to its effectiveness, efficacy and public perception.

Let us make the Constitution a living document that responds to changes and feedback from our members.

constitutionSince the last review in 2012-13, the Federation has consolidated its position and represented the interests of the wider community. The time is ripe now to undertake a review of our activities and priorities, and get synced with our strategic goals. The realignment would allow us to take an active role in driving necessary changes through government and non-government interventions.

We need to look at the current structure that supports our strategic future plans, and processes and procedures underpinning the Constitution that must be consistent with the Act and the rest of the Constitution. Some of the key considerations may be

  • reflection on our purposes
  • reflection on our activities and develop future plans to stay relevant
  • structure of our organisation
  • are we able to bring a range of perspectives in our operations
  • how the executive committee is formed and meets their care and diligence obligations
  • are the executive committee members aware of their roles and responsibilities
  • do we need sponsors and/or trustees
  • sources of financial support, how they are managed and how can be improved
  • are the members aware of their roles, responsibilities and benefits

We are seeking feedback and suggestions from our member associations and/or any other well-wishers from the community. All inquiries and comments should be provided to any of the following members or to [email protected] by 31 March 2017:

  • Amardeep Singh (Current President)
  • Krishna Nadimpalli (Past President)
  • Jayanti Gupta (Past President, founder member)
  • Sanjay Pandey (Current Public Relations Officer, founder member)
  • Madhumita Iyengar (Current Women’s representative)

The current Constitution can be found at

Once we receive input and suggestions, the draft changes (following review) will be given to the executive committee to be approved and presented to the General Council meeting (or Annual General Meeting) for approval and implementation.