Ugadi Celebrations – Message from Dr Andrew Leigh MP

New Years Message from the Federal Member for Fraser, Dr Andrew Leigh

I would like to thank the Federation of Indian Associations of ACT for giving me the opportunity to offer a Ugadhi message to all those who are celebrating.


AndrewLeighNew Year’s celebrations give us the chance to plan for the opportunities of the coming year and to reflect on the year gone by. I look back on a year in which I’ve been welcomed again and again into the many vibrant, enthusiastic and industrious multicultural communities that are growing in Canberra and making the city a more interesting place to live.

Canberra has always had a lot of natural advantages as a place to live, but the increasing diversity of its population continues to add new dimensions to the strong social connections in our city. From community barbecues, T20 cricket tournaments and cultural festivals like Ugadhi, I’ve felt very privileged that FINACT have invited me to share in its events and celebrations.

To everyone celebrating Ugadhi, I hope the year ahead will be both challenging and rewarding.

I hope that in one year’s time we can all look back on another year in which the sense of community that has thrived in and around our local multicultural groups has continued to grow.

Andrew Leigh

Federal Member for Fraser