FINACT Incorporation

Dear all,


It is with much joy that the Executive Committee will like to  announce the successful incorporation of FINACT.  Further to your valuable inputs and prior to incorporation, the FINACT constitution was further subjected to both legal and corporate governance advice.  Based on the recommendations, some minor amendments were made to the constitution to enable incorporation.  A copy of the final version is attached for your reference.


Re: Comments on the FINACT Constitution

Dear Sanjay,

Thanks  very much for your words of appreciation and your response to the minutes and feedback on draft constitution. Much appreciated.

Yes, I agree with your proposal regarding the Associate membership and is a valid point.  In fact we had lengthy discussions about this at our first Executive Committee meeting. We are aware of this matter.  Yes I totally agree, some organisations may never get incorporated and some may even consider not renewing. That will put FINACT in a stage where it ends up  operating with very few organisations as members. Such a state should never happen. There may be some positives aspects with the Incorporations, but we have to consider things in a broad aspect.  It comes to the principles of Cohesion, Inclusiveness and Collaboration.


Comments on the FINACT constituti​on – BJSM

Dear Jacob and the team

I appreciate your initiatives and support this change.

On behalf of Bihar Jharkhand Sabha of Australia and New Zealand, I endorse the Minutes of the general council meeting sent earlier.  Please find below our observations about the constitution and seek your support for some changes that would ensure active partcipation and continued interest from member associations, and eventually determine the future of our FINACT.