Our Sponsor – Bat Mate

Bat Mate is glad to sponsor a custom made bat for the best batsman of the FINACT Cricket Tournament!

Bat Mate is an experienced one man shop in Canberra for customised cricket bats! The bats are made using English willow grown in Healesville, Victoria. The timber has natural rebound quality and great ping be it grade 1 or 3.

The bats are custom made to individual choice, be it a heavy 3 pounds, medium or light weight bats. Each bat is individually hand crafted based on players’ preference on shape weight and profile. The driving spot can be designed to suit your needs, whether it is the upper, middle or lower portion of the bat.


Shashi Samprathi
Batmaker & repairer

Mobile: 0433 805 271
Email: [email protected]

Facebook: batmatecanberra