Message from Senator Kate Lundy

I have always believed that Australia’s rich multicultural character is both a great strength and a valuable asset. Our diversity makes us the vibrant and dynamic nation we are and is a lasting source of social and economic stability.

lundyIn my former position as Minister for Multicultural Affairs and Minister of Sport I had the honour of championing sport as a powerful force for social inclusion.

Sport promotes participation, encourages inclusion and creates a sense of belonging. I believe that these are the same sentiments on which a strong and lasting multicultural society can be built.


Cricket holds an important place in both Australian and Indian culture. In both countries the national teams are a source of unity and pride. Indian-Australians are some of the world’s most fortunate cricket fans, being in a position to support two national teams and follow two local competitions.

The Indian community in Australia is diverse and a reflection of the extraordinary diversity in India. It is therefore appropriate that FINACT have established this cricket tournament to bring together the Indian communities of Canberra.

I would like to extend my congratulations to FINACT for hosting your third tournament.

I wish everyone involved in the FINACT T-20 Cricket Tournament all the best for the event.

Kind regards,

Kate Lundy