Message from Dr David Cooke

As the Managing Director of Konica Minolta in Australia, I am pleased to say that we are a proud supporter of the Federation of Indian Associations of the ACT and a great believer in the objectives of FINACT and the principles of Fraternity, Inclusiveness, Networking, Assistance, Cooperation and Teamwork. On a personal level I share both a love for India, a country which I have visited on many occasions, and of cricket also. […]


Message from Matthew William

Hi Amardeep,

Having witnessed firsthand the amount of hours you and your committee have put in to ensure the smooth running of this tournament, I would like to congratulate you and everyone involved for the terrific organisation of this tournament thus far. Having spoken to my fellow umpires, they had nothing but praise for the spirit in which the matches were played in oppressive heat, so huge credit to the captains and players…may this continue all throughout the tournament (hopefully in slightly cooler conditions). […]

Thank you – League Matches

Dear Captains and team officials,

This is to thank you all for your contributing to a very successful first round of the tournament. Despite excruciating heat, I couldn’t see even any trace of subjugation on the moral at any stage. We made sure to provide sufficient water at regular intervals to keep everyone hydrated and it was pleasing to see that the teams were well equipped to combat the wether conditions as well. 

I would like to extend my special thanks to Senator Kate Lundy to grace the opening ceremony with her presence and encouraging the participating teams. I would also like to extend my thanks to the Honourable Deputy High Commissioner Mr Surinder K Datta and Mr Tarun Kumar for their presence and encouragement.