Indian Community Harmony Day

The Federation of Indian Associations of ACT (FINACT) Inc. is the apex umbrella body of various member organisations representing Indian regional, linguistic, youth, women and senior citizens groups in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT). FINACT’s main objective is to be the unified voice for the numerous and diverse Indian community groups in the ACT, as reflected in its slogan Coordination: Cooperation: Collaboration.

bbqFINACT is organising a community harmony day on Saturday, 28 February 2015. Our aim is to facilitate a networking opportunity for various Indian community leaders with ACT Ministers and MLAs, Commonwealth MPs, Senators, Key Government Officials, High Commission of India and representatives of other community organisations in ACT. The event will be organised in an informal way that means meet and greet rather a talk fest.

Event: Community Harmony Day Date: Sunday, 28 February 2015 Time: 12 – 3 PM Venue: TBA

More details of the event will be announced on FINACT’s website soon.