Dear colleagues

The Annual General Meeting on 25 July 2021 was attended by delegates of 26 of the 30 current member associations while we received apologies from 3 other member associations.

After discussions and deliberations on AGM Agenda items, participating delegates elected FINACT Executive Committee members for 2021-22 as follows:

President: Dr Shanti Reddy
Vice President: Mrs Sejal Patel
Secretary: Mr Rahul Ravi
Treasurer: Mr Balinder Singh Khillan
PO: Mr Ravi Kris

Please join us in congratulating the new team. Our best wishes to them to take FINACT to relevant new & greater heights.

FINACT’s foundations based in its Constitution and Values are kept strong by its members and Executive Committees. Whenever an AGM comes & elections happen, it is a testing time for the Organisation. Following the Constitution and the guidelines help us stay fair, open and transparent.

The years 2019-20 and 2020-21 were very busy although many activities were impacted by COVID restrictions. With your support, we have achieved a lot and the annual reports briefly reflect some of that work. The reports can be viewed on the FINACT website at

FINACT is now officially 10 years old. It will continue to be crucial and relevant to the Indian diaspora & the Canberra community.

As the President, I got opportunity to touch many lives and make positive contributions. I have come to know many wonderful people some of whom will be our friends forever. I continue to learn and be inspired by you. It has been rewarding and challenging.

I thank the FINACT Team members Vice-President – Mr ChittiBabu Divi, Secretary – Dr Ajmal PN and Treasurer – Mrs Ragini Santhanam without whom nothing was possible; PO – Mr Ravi Krishnamurthy for supporting beyond his role; and coordinators Mrs Shahira Shaji, Mrs Sahithi Paturi, Mrs Sejal Patel, Mr Ashwin Padmanabhan & Mr Sarwin D’Souza for their full support.

Thank you dear FINACT members for your engagement with FINACT & for your trust & support over the last two years to the dedicated ECs and to me as President. We thank the Past Presidents & ECs for their contributions to the FINACT.

Personally, and on behalf of the outgoing FINACT Team, I thank the stakeholders, community leaders, all who helped us & our well-wishers.

Regards & Best Wishes,

Dr Sunita S Dhindsa
Outgoing President
25 July 2021