A Big Thank You

Dear Team Captains and Managers,

On behalf of Cricket Coordination Committee and Executive Committee, I congratulate you all on the grand conclusion of FINACT T-20 Tournament 2014. It was all because of your cooperation and coordination we could hold such a successful tournament.


As you have already been notified, the award ceremony will be held on Global Cricket Day at Boomanulla Oval in Narrabundah on 2 March at 3.00 pm before the friendly exhibition match between FINACT 11 v/s AIBC 11.

Acknowledging and recognising your contribution towards the successful conclusion of this tournament, we would like to present the certification of participation/excellence to you. Hence I request you and your team members to be present at the oval at 3.00 pm.

The trophies will be awarded to the Man of the Series, Bowler of the Series and Best Batsman of the Series along with Man of the Match for the finals. A special president’s award will be awarded to the Cricket Coordination Committee members for his extraordinary contribution towards efficacious running of the tournament for the previous year.

Please come with your team members and mates.


Amardeep Singh