Diwali Message from ACT Chief Minister Katy Gallaghar MLA

Dear Jayanti

Thank you for your email of 21 October 2012 about a message for the festival of ‘Diwali’ for the FINACT website.

As Canberrans, we are privileged to be able to share in the rich traditions and ceremonies of so many cultures throughout the year.

katyGOne of the biggest festivals in the annual Indian calender is ‘Diwali’. The festival of lights is a colourful occasion that is celebrated by the Hindu community, but also has significance to many Indians of all backgrounds.

In recent years, the popularity of the festival itself has been increasingly embraced by other Canberrans and today the festivities and symbolism of the event are celebrated right throughout Australia, but in many other countries around the world.

As Canberra approaches its 100th birthday in 2013, my wish is that ‘Diwali’ will continue to grow in significance and popularity throughout the rest of our community and that it will become a valued and permanent celebration by all in our community.

I wish FINACT and its members Subh Deepavali. May you and your families have a year full of joy, happiness and prosperity.

Yours sincerely

Katy Gallagher MLA
Chief Minister