Congratulations to Winners of Independence Day CompetitionsĀ 

FINACT organised essay and drawing competitions for children to stimulate the significance of independence and the vision of Indiaā€™s success in 70 years. The awards for the winners were announced by Mrs Gondane and awards were given to the winners of all categories on India’s Independence Day celebrations at the India House.


The winners of essay writing areĀ Tanishq SharmaĀ (age 15-21 years) andĀ Ananya RaviĀ (age up to 14) for essay writing.


The winner of drawing competition (age up to 12 years) isĀ Hansini Ganta. All participants received consolation prizes from FINACT.


FINACT is grateful to HE Ajay Gondane, High Commissioner of India for his encouragement and support. FINACT is also thankful to the judges Mr Joe Bailey, Mr Venkatesh Bidrekal, Mrs Jayanthi Gupta, Mrs Sonali Rabade and Mrs Smitha Dudaga. FINACT thanks parents, participants and volunteers for enabling these cempetitions.

High Commission of India had conducted online quiz competition on Yoga andĀ Ms Avneet BakshiĀ was declared the winner of this competition by Mrs Gondane.


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