Felicitation of Shri Kanti Jinnaji OAM

Felicitation event for Shri Kanti Jinnaji OAM was organised by FINACT, Gujarati Samaj of ACT and several member associations at Theo Notaras Function Hall on Monday 18 June 2018. It is a great pleasure and proud moment for all of us that our own Shri Kanti Jinna has received the “Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM)” for
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Hindustani Classical Music Concert

Hindustani Music Concert is organised by our member association Bihar Jharkhand Sabha of Australia and New Zealand (ACT Chapter) in Association with Federation of Indian Associations of ACT Inc in Canberra,Australian Capital Territory.Australia Please attend, support and promote fine Sitar and Tabla music by Artistes from Pune India and pass it on to music lovers and various organisations.
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Winners of Free Return Ticket to India Draw

AusIndia Fair was held on 24 March 2018 at Stage 88 Commonwealth Park Canberra. It was a mega event, one of its kind, that brought India and Australia on one platform in nation’s capital. Organised by Federation of Indian Associations of ACT Inc (FINACT) and its member organisations, it inspired appreciation, sharing, inclusiveness amongst people
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Thank you – AusIndia Fair Supporters

Federation of Indian Associations of ACT (FINACT) organised the mega event AusIndia Fair on Saturday 24 March 2018 in the Commonwealth Park Canberra. Despite being the first time, AusIndia Fair was successful in bringing the Indian diaspora and the broader Australian society together to embrace diversity and inclusiveness of migrants in Australia. There were 4000
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AusIndia Fair on Sat 24 March

More than 30 organisations along with FINACT and its member associations are bringing significantly bigger annual “AusIndia Fair” on Saturday 24 March 2018 at Stage 88, Commonwealth Park in Canberra from 12pm to 6pm. It is the largest Indian event in the ACT promoting a holistic view of the progressive journey of AusIndian culture. AusIndia
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ACT Multicultural Awards

FINACT Congratulates winners of the ACT Government Multicultural Awards for 2017.The awards focus on the great work that happens every day in support of multiculturalism, reflecting our community’s respect for cultural diversity.The awards recognise the outstanding contribution made by people and organisations who promotes and strengthen our multicultural community. The winners are Multicultural Person of
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Information for FINACT newsletters

As you know FINACT newsletter is generally published once a month. If our member associations like to publish their organisation’s event in the FINACT newsletter, please provide the following information: Event name, date, time and venue followed by text Text in word format (not PDF) Text within 150 words One image/picture if needed. If you
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